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Schedule for 2011-2012

Gray text denotes out-of-region races.

 More details for each race will be posted as we get closer to the date, or on the main news page of this website.


1/1/12: ESG Qualifier at Garnett Hill, North River, NY (EMPO)
Meet director: Aims Coney (Aims.Coney@hp.com)

1/8/12: Great Glen Trails, Pinkham Notch, NH (UNO)
Meet director: Ernst Linder (elinder@unh.edu)

1/14/12: Fun Saturday event at Pawtuckaway: Start at parking, finish at Kotowski's house with refreshments.  Backup Date Jan 28.  Contact: Liz Kotowski.

1/15/12: Windblown XC, New Ipswich NH
Meet director: Aims Coney (Aims.Coney@hp.com)

1/22/12: Weston Ski Track, Weston MA (NEOC)
Meet director: Alex Jospe (acjospe@gmail.com)
Starts from 2-4pm.

1/27/12-2/5/12: Sierra Ski-O Tour and U.S. Championships, Truckee CA
Ski-o World Cup, North American Championships, and U.S. Championships
Bear Valley Region and Tahoe Region, CA
Bulletin 1
Bulletin 2

2/12/12: Sewall Woods (UNO). Meet director Ernst Linder (elinder@unh.edu) and Peter Goodwin.
Canceled due to low snow

2/20/12: Bretton Woods (CSU) **Monday**
Meet director: Alex Jospe (acjospe@gmail.com)
Very unofficial race.   No e-punching; self-timed.  Contact Alex by 2/16/12 if you want a map - she is not printing any extras. 13 controls, 20km straight-line distance. Bretton Woods currently does have snow, and cold temperatures in the near future will ensure they keep it.

2/26/12: Great Brook Farm (NEOC) (permission pending)
Meet directors: Bill Pullman and Ed Despard (edwarddes@gmail.com)
Backup date 3/4/11

3/11/12: Windblown XC, New Ipswich, NH
Meet director: Aims Coney (Aims.Coney@hp.com)