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Bulletin 1.
Morse Farm course notes.
Middle Distance Championships course notes.
Long Distance Championships course notes.
US Team Fundraiser course notes.
Grafton Ponds course notes.

Morse Farm Middle Distance (2/11 - 2/12/10)

Official Results
Maps: Blue part 1        Blue part 2        Red part 1        Red part 2

U.S. National Championships, Middle distance (2/13/10)

Official Results
Maps: Blue        Red        Green


U.S. National Championships, Long distance (2/14/10)

Official Results
F-elite map1, map2

Photos, courtesy of Kent Shaw.


U.S. Ski-o Team fundraiser sprint (2/15/10)

Splits from the long course.
Splits from the short course.
The finish split sprint was won in a tie between Greg Walker and Scott Pleban (for the grand prize of a sweet cowbell).


Grafton Ponds Middle distance (2/16/10)

Splits:Blue; Red; Green
Maps: Blue part 1; Blue part 2; Red; Green; Orange; White

The title of U.S. Champion in any class as determined at an officially designated U.S. Championship Orienteering "A" meet shall be limited to those who are USOF members in good standing and meet one or more of the following criteria:
a)      Meet one of the following citizenship requirements:
·         Are U.S. citizens and citizens of no other country
·         Are in a permanent residence status commonly referred to as "green card carriers".
·         Hold dual (U.S.) citizenship and reside primarily in the United States.
·         Hold dual (U.S.) citizenship, reside primarily outside the United States, and have not yet and agree not to compete for a championship title in another country during the current calendar year.
b)      Are full-time students in the U.S. holding a current student visa.