Results from 2015

Garnet Hill, 1/1/15, xls download.
Craftsbury 1/3/15:
      Long course results from Craftsbury, 1/3/15.
      Medium course results from Craftsbury, 1/3/15.
      Short course results from Craftsbury, 1/3/15.
      Long course map
      Medium course map
Kingdom Valley training event 1/4/15:map
Junior ski-o Team Fundraiser sprints: Results

Results from 2014

Garnet Hill score-o, xls download.
Windblown 1/5/14, xls download.
Craftsbury 1/25/14, pdf download.
Weston MA 1/25/14: Long course, short course.
U.S. Ski Orienteering Championships, 3/14/14 - 3/16/14:

Results from 2013 season

Craftsbury Ski-O Opener, 12/22/12.
Garnet Hill ski-O, 12/31/12. results coming soon
Windblown 1/6/12
Southern VT Ski-O Weekend, 1/19/13-1/21/13:
     Splits for all courses, all days.
     Chester sprint:
     WRE Results
     Sprint relay

Results from 2012

Windblown 1/15/12
Great Glen Trails 1/16/12 (UNO)
Weston 1/22/12 (NEOC)
Out of region results:
Garnet Hill New Year's Day ski-o results
Sierra Ski-O Tour and World Cup results

Results from 2011

Balsams Ski-O weekend
Out of region results:
Moreau ski-o and score-o results

Results from 2010

US Champs 2010 (CSU, UNO, GMOC)
Gunstock: 2/7/10 (UNO)
Out of region: 
Sierra Ski Orienteering Championships results (BAOC)
NYS Ski Orienteering results (EMPO)