2013 New England Championships

WRE Sprint/Middle/Long

January 19-21 2013


Kingdom Valley Nordic
Grafton Ponds
Craftsbury Outdoor Center
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Bulletin 2

**UPDATE! 1/17/13**
As of Wednesday afternoon, Chester received another 4-6" of snow, and it has been packed and rolled. There is 100% cover, but it's thin. The groomer will let it set tonight at 10F and groom again Friday morning. Should be a firm, but not icy surface for skiing Saturday. This means that races are definitely a go.

**UPDATE**: Conditions are currently thin and icy, but it is forecast that 4" of snow will fall Tuesday night. The final call on where and when the races happen will be made on wednesday. Stay tuned! Thanks for your patience.


World Ranking Event

The sprint at Kingdom Valley Nordic will be an IOF World Ranking Event (WRE) for the M/F21 classes. All competitors in these classes will be entered into the WRE and be required to follow all IOF rules.

Kingdom Valley Nordic is entirely embargoed until the day of the event. Other venues are open on groomed main trails until the day before the events.


OUSA Ski-O Team

Meet directors: Ken Walker (kwalker@vmec.org), Adrian Owens

Registrar: Alex Jospe (acjospe@gmail.com), Ed Despard (edwarddes@gmail.com)

IOF Advisor: Ed Despard

Course setters:
Sprint - Ken Walker Middle - Aims Coney Long - Adrian Owens





Kingdom Valley Nordic:
2066 Route 11, Chester VT
Kingdom Valley Nordic is a private trail network for ski-orienteering training in southern Vermont. Recent logging and trail construction has opened the layout of the venue. Advanced courses will take advantage of the hillside topography, with maximum elevation difference of 90 meters.

Grafton Ponds:
783 Townshend Road, Grafton, VT
Grafton Ponds is a commercial xc area with wide ski trails featuring a mix of forested hillside and open fields. The maximum elevation difference is 110 meters.

Craftsbury Outdoor Center:
Lost Nation Rd, Craftsbury Common, VT
Craftsbury Outdoor Center is a large non-profit xc ski area in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom with 105 km of trails; maximum elevation difference is 65 meters.



Registration will be open each morning for day-of entries and changes. Online registration is available and encouraged at www.O-Reg.com. Payment is by cash or check only. Waviers and checks can be mailed to Alex Jospe, or brought to the meet site.
Payment for the Long race at Craftsbury should be made to GMOC, payment for the sprint and middle should be made to Orienteering USA, with Ski-O Team in the memo.
At Grafton Ponds and Craftsbury Outdoor Center, competitors will be required to buy a trail pass at the venue.





Saturday Jan 19
Sprint (Kingdom Valley)
10:00 AM First WRE Start
10:30 AM First Open Start
12:00 PM Last Open Start
1:00 PM Course Closes
2:00 PM Low-key Sprint Relay

Sunday Jan 20
Middle (Grafton Ponds)
10:00 AM First Start
12:00 PM Last Start
2:00 PM Course Closes

Monday Jan 21
Long (Craftsbury)
10:00 AM First Start
12:00 PM Last Start
3:00 PM Course Closes


Courses and Classes:


Blue: M-21+
Red: F-21+, M-20, M40+
Green: F-20, M-16, F40+, M55+
Brown: F-16, F55+, M65+, F65+


Entry Fees


Sprint $15 WRE / $10 Open
Middle $10 + Trail Pass
Long $10 + Trail Pass

Map Details
Sprint: Scale 1:5000 (WRE), 1:4000 (Open); 5m contours; Mapped by Ken Walker
Middle: Scale 1:7500; 5m contours; Mapped by Larry Berman (2010) and Ken Walker (2012)
Long: Scale 1:10000, 5m contours, Mapped by Kroum Sergiev