Balsams results

The results and maps have been posted on the Balsams page.  Click here.  Thanks to all competitors for coming north, and to Ernst, Ed, Lex, and Pete for their long hours helping run the meet!  Until next time,



Balsams event notes

The event notes are complete!  Find them here.  They include start times, course notes, directions, and all sorts of other useful stuff.  Take a moment to read them through, thanks!


Balsams registration is live

We're getting close to the deadline, but registration is now live for the Balsams ski-o weekend.  So don't waste any time, register for the races!
Registration link.

The weekend is shaping up to be a fantastic two days of ski orienteering, with some unique narrow trails designed by Ernst Linder, and full cooperation from the ski area directors at the Balsams. The grooming is perfect, the views are unbeatable, and the lodging is luxurious. No excuses! 


Weston ski-o: results!

Despite an extreme snafu with epunch boxes (they had been programmed and then the number tags had been moved around), Ed was able to get splits for everyone.  They're here.  Alexandra Jospe (CSU) won in 40:31, followed by Audun Botterud (CSU) in 44:02, with Ari Ofsevit (a new ski-oer!) just behind in 44:04.  A close race!  There were 18 finishers on the advanced course, and seven on the beginner course.  The beginner course was won by Dancho Hristov (CSU) in 12:43, followed by Bill Pullman (NEOC) in 16:37 and Eric Benson (CSU) in 16:57.  

The day was beautiful for skiing, and all of Weston was open for skiing - 15km of trails!  The maps are below.

Advanced above, beginner below.



Balsams Bulletin 1

Bulletin 1 is now loaded!  Check it out for details about the weekend.  Hopefully this piques your interest!

Bulletin 1.