First Windblown meet a success

We had a great turnout for 2014 Windblown Ski-O #1, with 27 people participating.  The Red course was the most popular, with 18 starts.  US Team member Adrian Owens and Alex Jospe blew away the field with times of 42:34 and 42:54 but teenager Kestral Owens was right behind at 42:55.  Perhaps the most courageous entry though on Red was Sara Mae Berman’s 3:04:30.  And despite his gray beard Jim Arsenault keeps on skiing like youngster, coming in at 50:33.

The funny thing is that as course setter I thought of the Red course as including some really exciting downhills but most of the skiers complained of the ups.  That must be because the climbing takes a time while the descents flash by which gives a perception there is more climb.

Many thanks to Al and Andy Jenks of Windblown for all their support, to Ken Walker and Larry Berman for picking up controls and to David VanDorpe for standing in line to get me lunch.


Results can be downloaded as an excel file here.


VT Ski-O Results

The results from the VT ski-o weekend have been available as splits for a while, but I realize I never got around to linking them here.  Below are some results:

Chester sprint:
WRE results
Splits: Brown, Green, Red, Blue
Sprint relay

Grafton Ponds:
Splits for Blue, Green, Red.



New snow in Chester!

There have been a lot of inquiries about the state of the snow conditions in Chester for this weekend's VT Ski O Weekend and WRE.  Thankfully, Mother Nature pulled through, and Chester received enough snow to groom.  There is 100% cover on an icy base, so even with snowplowing the snow should hold up.  Conditions are thin, but acceptable.  Expected conditions on Saturday will be firm, but not icy.



NE Champs registration is open!

So go sign up!  See you there!




NE Champs bulletin 1 posted

The page for the New England championships has been updated, and bulletin 1 is posted!  Stay tuned for registration.  The snow is great, so this will be a primo event!

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