Early January updates

Well, after a fantastic early December snowfall, we got hit with a thaw, and some rain, and most of our ski areas are getting pretty bare.  The schedule page is updated with next weekend's cancellations and survivors, so check that out for more information.  

The short list: We are on for Garnett Hill and Craftsbury, but Kingdom Valley Trails and Windblown are not happening unless we get some currently-not-forecast snow.

Pray for some more snow!


The ski-o on 1/3/15 has been moved to Craftsbury. Please see the schedule page for more info. See you up there!


2015 Schedule updated

See the schedule page for the latest updates. Our schedule includes all of the NY events, as well as New England.

Winter has arrived at many of our venues. Here's to much more snow!


U.S. Ski-O Champs results

The U.S. Ski Orienteering Championships just wrapped up at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, VT.  A huge thank you goes to the event organizers and volunteers: Carl Childs, Ken Walker, Ed Despard, Sandy Fillebrown, Mary Jo Childs, Krum Serguiev, Lex Bundschuh, Pete Bundschuh, Brendan Shields, and many others.  An even bigger thank you to the staff at the Trapp Family Lodge for their excellent grooming, race support, and incredible venue.  

The full results by class are posted on the results page of this site.  For the elite skiers in the World Ranking Event, both the men's and women's classes were swept for all three events, by Adrian Owens and Alison Crocker, respectively.  Congrats to these amazing athletes and all the others!  Maps and photos will be posted soon.


Windblown results 

Pete Bundschuh ran a great ski-o at Windblown XC last weekend.  There were 20 starts over three courses.  First place on the short course went to Ari Ofsevit, first place on the medium course went to Dancho Hristov, and first place on the long course was Dancho Hristov again.  Conditions were fabulous!  

Results (xls download)


Bulletin 2 is posted!

The U.S. Ski Orienteering Championships starts tomorrow, and the second bulletin is live.  Download the pdf.  

We are acquiring a whole slew of delicious sponsors! Cabot cheese is providing us cheese, Ben and Jerry's is giving us ice cream vouchers, and Larabar has provided us with sample fruit and nut bars.  King Arthur Flour is providing some great prizes, as well.  Thank you sponsors!

The course/class structure is : 
Course 1: M-14, F-14, M-65 (long), F-65 
Course 2: M-16, F-16, F-18, F-20, F-40, M-55, F-55, M-65 (sprint & middle) 
Course 3: M-18, M-20, F-21 (WRE), M-40 
Course 4: M-21 (WRE) 

The PRELIMINARY course lengths are: 
Course 1---1.4K 
Course 2---1.9K 
Course 3---2.8K 
Course 4---2.9K 
Course 1---3.5K 
Course 2---4.7K 
Course 3---5.9K 
Course 4---7.2K 
Course 1---5.2K 
Course 2---6.3K 
Course 3---9.8K 
Course 4--12.5K 

It is snowing pretty hard right now and the courses will probably be tweaked depending on grooming and skiing conditions. 

Start times for the Sprint and Middle are posted at the registration link which is here: 

The long on Sunday is a mass start at 9:30 am