Ski-O Team Fundraiser: Get your skis waxed at the US Champs!

One of the reasons (among many!) that the ski-o team is going faster than you on the trails is that we take a lot of care preparing our skis. That means less effort to go faster, so more brain power for the map! Do you want to experience wings on your feet? 

On a first-come, first-served basis, the Ski-O Team is offering to wax your skis, for a price. We will accommodate eight pair of skis per night, starting tomorrow night. Choose the appropriate package below: 

Low-fluoro wax job: $20 
High-fluoro wax job (includes LF layer): $40 
Pure fluoro wax job (includes LF and HF layers): $80 

What are fluoros? That's short for fluorocarbons, and they're a great family of hydrophobic chemicals that are bound in some sort of paraffin wax to repel the water in the snow as your ski slides over it. The more fluorocarbon in the wax, the more water it will repel and the faster your skis will go. 

This sounds like a win-win to me. You get faster skis, and the ski-o team raises some money to race at the next Ski WOC! 

To reserve a wax job, click this link and leave a comment. 


North American Ski-O Championships announced

The highlight of the 2015-2016 season will be the North American and US Championship races to be held at Presque Isle, Maine March 11 through 13, 2016.

While the elite races will be at the highest competitive level and World Ranking Events, all age groups and classes will enjoy appropriately challenging courses. The Presque Isle trails are fun to ski, and special narrow trails have been cut and groomed for advanced courses.

Even those with minimal ski orienteering experience can enjoy the mini-sprints around the arena complex all weekend. Great for kids, or maybe grudge matches, too!

The M/F21 WRE races will be the primary selection races for the US SkiO Team headed to Russia in March 2017.

Click here to access all details on the event page.
Register here

Impromptu ski-o Jan. 31

Thanks to the winter storm Juno, we can have a traditional-style ski-o in Stowe, MA:

Saturday, January 31st


Aims and Terry’s House

Pine Bluffs, Stow, Mass


Registration and Starts: 10-noon


Skis required; classical or wax-less models recommended.


Meet Director: Aims Coney



Directions: From the junction of routes 117 and 62 in Stow Center go south on route 62.  Travel 1.1 miles and soon after a sharp right bend, take the LEFT fork onto Whitman Street and drive over the hill 0.9 miles to a stop sign.  Turn LEFT onto Sudbury Road, drive 1.0 miles to #371 Sudbury Road on the right.  Park on the southwest side of Sudbury Road facing south.


Information about 1/11/15 ski-o at Craftsbury

Sunday's ski orienteering race in Craftsbury will be held at the home of Adrian Owens, US Team member: 400 Post Rd, Craftsbury VT. Parking is on the road.

There will be three sprint races, at 10:15, 11:15, and 12:15, with the last being a chasing start. Beginners might enjoy just 1 or 2 of the sprints.

Fee structure is $5 per sprint (so $15 total), or $10 for all 3 sprints if preregistered by noon on Saturday Jan. 10. Show up to register from 9 to 10:00 Assigned 1 minute interval starts starting at 10:15. Pre-register by e-mail to Adrian.


Results posted from Garnett Hill and Craftsbury

Please see the results page for maps and results. Aims Coney, meet director for Garnett Hill, had the following to add:

Even though the turnout was lower than usual, this year’s New Year’s ski-o was a lot of fun to put on. As the date approached the conditions kept changing so I put off setting the courses until the very last minute. The challenge was to use the groomed trails as the primary safe routes and the ungroomed but skiable trails for the riskier and secondary choices. In the end, Garnet Hill had slightly more groomed trails this year than last and much better snow coverage than for many previous New Year’s events.

Three courses were offered: Orange and Red traditional, and a special sprint score-o for finishers of one of the first two. Any age group could qualify for the ESG using either course. This both eliminated forcing anyone to ski more than they felt comfortable and allowed everyone to ski the longer course if desired.

The score-o was a mix of speedy skiing and a silly math game. Everyone who did it had a great laugh afterwards because despite having 13 controls spread all around Garnet Hill, only the four closest to the lodge were needed for highest possible score.

Terry Allard gets better and better. It helps of course that Garnet Hill is his local area so we’re looking forward to see how he does this season at other sites.

It was great to see that perpetual group of age-group rivals; Ellie, Sue, Candi and Terry battling it out once again in F55+. And kudos to Phil who managed the long Red course on shaky knees.

Stina Bridgeman has certainly elevated her game and her selection to the US team going to Norway is well deserved.

Many thanks to Frank Boscoe for picking up controls and Terry Allard’s father for running the timing table.