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Balsams lodging info

We have some information about the lodging deals at the Balsams - to be brutally honest, its going to be a wicked expensive weekend, but you will be living in such luxury as you've never imagined.  The cost of lodging includes a gourmet breakfast and dinner, the trail pass, and alpine skiing, if you're into that instead of doing the ski-o race!  


For two people sharing a room, our deal is $159 per person, per night.  In other words, it costs $318 for a room for a night if there are two people in the room.  If there is just one person in the room, it costs $209.  


That is lots of money, but if you add it up, you're essentially paying for a $60 hotel room - the dinner is worth $59, breakfast worth $20, trail pass worth $20, so if you had to buy that stuff separately, you'd be left with $60 for the room.  Which isn't all that bad.  


The good news for those of you who don't want to stay at the Balsams is that you can still attend the dinner, which looks AMAZING, but it'll cost something like $60 - I'm still working with the guy to bring the price down.  


So, go ahead and reserve your room at the Balsams!  Just call and ask for the ski orienteering deal, and you should be all set.  You can reserve either one night or two nights, no two-night-minimum.  Hope to see you there!

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