Event at Windblown: 1/13/18


Windblown Cross Country

1180 Turnpike Road, New Ipswich, NH 03071


Short, Medium and Long Courses

Open to Skiers and Snowshoers


Buy a trail pass and come upstairs.


Starts: 10-12:30


If Windblown has at least 5K open, there will be a ski-o


Meet Director: Aims Coney, 978-562-2805 or


Impromptu ski-o at Great Brook Farm, Carlisle MA 2/26/17

Fellow Orienteers,


Snow conditions permitting there will be an impromptu NEOC Ski O event on Sunday Feb 26 at  Great Brook Farm located in Carlisle MA.   The event will be  run as a mass start starting at 10  AM.   There will be 60 and 90 minute option.   The actual duration of the event may vary depending on conditions.  


If interested please contact  Gary Gallagher  at  to let me know if you would be  interested in attending.


Pineridge ski-o Saturday 2/18

From the course setter: Conditions are fantastic!

I finished setting the courses at Pineridge yesterday (Saturday), skiing on great snow. Today (Sunday) we are living in a blizzard. The week ahead appears to hold temperatures at or below freezing, with some possible snow showers. In other words, the skiing is/will-almost-certainly-be: fantastic. This is the best skiing we have had in the near-Capital District region in at least 3 years. You really owe to yourself to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.


The Pineridge event will be a Ski-O and Snowshoe/Ski Score-O. Rather than attaching the Notes/Rules, I am posting them to my Dropbox, and you can download them here:



I will be away from home until Friday night, so I cannot provide updates on the conditions at Pineridge. Your best bet is to check the Pineridge web site conditions page here:


If you could send me an e-mail if you plan to attend (and what course you would plan to use), that would help me have the correct number of maps available. But, don’t worry if your plans must change, and come even if you don’t tell me in advance (I’ll be able to print more maps on site if necessary).


There is much more info in the Notes document. I look forward to seeing all of you on Saturday!


-Phil H-T


Website with minimal details -


Ski orienteering at Gunstock 1/22

The first ski orienteering event in New England (NY has already had a few) will take place at Gunstock! 

Jim Arsenault is hosting a Ski-O, Snowshoe-O, FrozenFatBike-O at Gunstock Cross-Country Center in Gilford, NH on Sunday, January 22 with starts from 9 – 12.

Multiple courses will be offered, with some tailoring towards the different modes of over-snow travel, i.e., probably 2 ski-O courses lengths, 1 snowshoe-O, 1 Fat Bike-O.  

Every competitor must have a Gunstock Nordic Trail Pass – purchase at the Nordic Center. Mention “Orienteering” to receive the special trail pass rate of $5 on Jan 22, versus the normal $17 trail fee.

Orienteering registration, start and finish is at the Gunstock Nordic Association (GNA) Clubhouse, across the entrance road from the Nordic Center. 


Please contact Jim for more info (, or show up at 9am ready to roll. 


Ski-O Team Fundraiser: Get your skis waxed at the US Champs!

One of the reasons (among many!) that the ski-o team is going faster than you on the trails is that we take a lot of care preparing our skis. That means less effort to go faster, so more brain power for the map! Do you want to experience wings on your feet? 

On a first-come, first-served basis, the Ski-O Team is offering to wax your skis, for a price. We will accommodate eight pair of skis per night, starting tomorrow night. Choose the appropriate package below: 

Low-fluoro wax job: $20 
High-fluoro wax job (includes LF layer): $40 
Pure fluoro wax job (includes LF and HF layers): $80 

What are fluoros? That's short for fluorocarbons, and they're a great family of hydrophobic chemicals that are bound in some sort of paraffin wax to repel the water in the snow as your ski slides over it. The more fluorocarbon in the wax, the more water it will repel and the faster your skis will go. 

This sounds like a win-win to me. You get faster skis, and the ski-o team raises some money to race at the next Ski WOC! 

To reserve a wax job, click this link and leave a comment.